Best 8 Smart Tips to Save Money On Your Furniture

chairSave money when buying furniture and home furnishings is not always an easy task, when we want to have a space that meets our personal taste, but also our real needs, in functional terms.

In this article we will present you some tips that can help you to reduce the expenses with the purchase of furniture for your home.

Comfort, utility and well-being should always be seen as a priority when choosing your furniture in Nigeria. If you are thinking about decorating your home from scratch, or if you want to change your old furniture, there are several factors that you should consider if you want to save some money.

Don’t rush to buy furniture.
Always have an “adequate shopping period” for your furniture purchase. The period will allow you shop for the best deal possible without being rushed. The more time you have at your disposal, the more likely you will get better deals. The less desperate you appear, the more the seller will want to offer more discounts, (but watch it, with volatile prices of raw materials and forex, your stalling may boomerang and you might end up paying more)

Antique Reproduction Furniture
You saw that antique furniture that you really love? However, it cost a bomb, right? Not to worry, travel down to an antique reproduction furniture shop and get them to produce your favourite antique furniture design. They will also have a set of ready-made antique furniture that may catch your eye. This way not only are you saving much but also getting a new piece of “antique” furniture.

Consider buying your furniture January and March
Most furniture purchases happen from mid-year and towards the end of the year with fewer purchases during the first quarter. Low sales in early part of the year may be due to expenses incurred usually at the beginning of the year such as school fees, Xmas and New Year celebrations which put a hole in most buyers’ wallets. As a result, most furniture stores/companies lower prices during this period to boost sales, this is the best time to buy. Remember, the goal is to make the most of every hard earned naira spent. SPEND WISELY

Don’t just think about the  furniture price
When it comes to saving money by buying something, there are always two possibilities that end up tormenting our decision. Should we buy something cheaper, but that we know will last less, or do we choose to spend more and the quality will eventually outweigh the value?

Regarding furniture, we can look at the basic pieces of our decoration as those that must have a seal of superior quality. For example, the sofa, the dining table, the bed and the mattress are furniture that should last for several years and that should fit well in our decor, even if it is changed after a few years.

As the cheap is sometimes expensive, you always see the strength of the woods used in the pieces that are on display, the structures of the sofas, among other important factors. That way you’ll be able to get an idea of what you’re buying.

Buy during special promos, clearance sales, black Fridays etc.
Big Furniture stores /small furniture companies are always running promos either to clear off old stocks or to drive more traffic to their businesses. Most of these promos are real promos with real discounts as most stores/manufacturers decide to cut their margins and/or buy raw materials in bulk during promo periods. You can save big as much as 50% of the original price if you buy during such promos.

Buy straight from local manufacturers/small furniture companies
Some gifted local artisans working alone or with a small furniture company with commitment to quality can replicate almost any design no matter how sophisticated the design may be at a much more affordable price using quality materials. You can make heavy savings buying from such companies. Small companies incur lower overheads compared to bigger companies

Do your furniture shopping online
The smartest savers buy furniture online. Unlike regular showrooms, online stores have low overheads. This means that they can afford to offer much lower prices for their goods of the same quality. Second, when you shop online, the items are shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. This equates to lesser shipping fees and the elimination of middlemen costs.

Always negotiate price
We live in a culture where the sticker price is the final price, no questions asked. However, that does not have to be the case, especially for big ticket items. Many stores that carry heavy, expensive and large items have a greater incentive to sell these items as quickly as possible. Ask to speak to the manager and get further discounts. Remember, your goal is to get most value for the least price

Remember the goal is to get best value at the least cost possible. For more tips and help support Call/WhatsApp Izuchukwu +2348065622356

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Buy furniture

Buy Furniture? Questions to Ask Yourself before You Buy Furniture

Are you planning to buy furniture?

Please know this when you are planning  to buy living room furniture designs in Nigeria . Generally, shopping for a specific item can elicit a range of emotions from total frustration to complete exhilaration. Such trips usually begin with feelings of anticipation, i.e. shoppers leave home intent on finding the items they want/need, such as a suit or dress, new kitchen cabinets, or new hockey equipment for their children; at the end of these shopping trips, their hopes can turn to disappointment or euphoria depending on their outcomes. The same stress is what a normal human being goes through when planning to buy furniture.

When the shopping trip goes according to plan and a purchase is made, all seems right with the world, at least momentarily, until the next ‘buying crisis’ arises and the process must be repeated once again. At the other end of the spectrum, though, buyers might need to find a custom solution to remedy their lack of success and/or to meet a self-imposed deadline.

A custom solution can be a viable option when homeowners are looking for that one specific piece (or suite) of furniture to buy in order  to satisfy their explicit needs with respect to such matters as:

1. Overall functionality
2. Interior design/décor
3. Room access/dimensions
4. Entertainment preferences

However, such an action should not be driven solely by emotion; there must be a significant degree of practicality to the decision-making process, to ensure that any/all money spent on custom furniture is deemed an investment rather than a short-term or knee-jerk reaction to appease one’s frustration. To that end, the specialists at the Gifted Home furniture store in Lagos offer the following list of questions for homeowner introspection before committing to purchase any custom furniture:

Will the piece/suite retain its appeal over an extended period of time?
What will be its primary purpose: daily use, entertainment, aesthetics?
How will it fit proportionally in its intended space? With other furniture?
How do its colour, style, and finish complement the décor of the home?
Does the item have potential to serve more than one purpose in future?
What is the anticipated or desired lifespan of the furniture piece or suite?
Will each piece fit through the front door, down the hall, and into the room?
How many people will it need to comfortably accommodate for dining/sitting?

Clearly, some assumptions will need to be made by the homeowner; nevertheless, investing the time to undertake this self-examination will prove invaluable in confirming that custom furniture is the right option – and that its purchase will provide lasting appeal and long-term returns.

However, we have some collections for various categories to help you making your choice easily
Living Roomssofas, tables, consoles, display cabinets, bookcases, and bar carts
Bedroomsbeds, chests, night stands, vanities, dressers, accent seating
Dining Rooms – tables and chairs, consoles, display cabinets
Home Offices – desks, office chairs, console tables, bookcases, accent seats, lighting

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How to clean stains on your fabric sofa or Furniture

5 New Steps on How to clean stains on your fabric sofa or Furniture Under 30 minutes

Follow these steps to learn how to clean stains on your fabric sofa or Furniture

Clean your fabric sofa on a regular basis

To ensure that your sofa is always in tip-top condition, it’s best to clean it regularly. This is because the fibres in your upholstery tend to collect dirt particles and keep them hidden below the surface level.

Below, we’ve advise that you clean your upholstery every fortnight to keep it spotless.

1. Vacuum your sofa’s upholstery to draw out all the loose dust and dirt from both under and above the surface. Use a soft brush attachment and gentle movements for this task to avoid scratching or marking the material. This is especially important for delicate fabrics like velvet. We also offer this service here at  Gifted Home Furniture store Lagos

2. When you’re giving your sofa a quick clean, you should take care of any grime or light marks with a damp cloth. However, once or twice every month, you should use a fabric-friendly cleaning product to perform a much deeper cleanse — we recommend using mild liquid soap and 2 cap full of Swiss air freshnerHow to clean stains on your fabric sofa or FurnitureApply some with a small amount of water (without soaking the material)

3. Leave your sofa to dry naturally before sitting on it again. This will prevent creases forming, which usually means you have to start over. In the warmer months, you should open your home’s windows and doors to improve air flow and speed up the drying process.

How to clean Velvet Fabrics

Velvet upholstery needs regular brushing too. The majority of upholstery fabrics only require a regular cleaning regime, but velvet sofas require an extra step to keep them looking and feeling great. To preserve the material’s natural sheen, you will need to go over it with a clothes brush or a specialist velvet brush, which will help it develop an antiqued ‘crushed’ appearance that will only improve with age. The best time to do this is immediately after vacuuming or when dry after deep cleaning. We offer this service Call/WhatsApp: 08065622356

Choose a shady spot to avoid sun and heat damage. When your upholstery is left out in the sun, it can fade, bleach, and lose its natural qualities. In addition, heat from radiators, pipes, and fireplaces can cause the material to become dried out and warped. Take this into account when you are looking for the best spot for your sofa, as somewhere without too much sunlight and away from heat sources will cause the least damage in the long-run.

How to clean spills and stains on your fabric sofa or Furniture

Unfortunately, even if you are the most careful person in the world, there is a good chance that your sofa will eventually fall victim to a nasty accident. The golden rule to keep in mind when this happens is to react quickly; a fast turnaround can be the difference between a quick mop-up and a stain getting its claws into your lovely upholstery.

Your first priority should be removing as much liquid as possible before it has the chance to soak into the fibres of the fabric, which will minimise the chances of a stain forming. To do so, grab some kitchen roll or a dry cloth and begin to blot up the surface liquid. Then, use a fresh, damp cloth to dab at any marks that have appeared. If you’re quick, you can often avoid a stain altogether or at the very least reduce any surface blemishes.

If you don’t get to the spill in time, then fear not, as there are ways of cleaning the mark off your upholstery. However, when a stain proves too difficult to remove yourself, we would always advise that you seek the help of a professional cleaner, who will be able to use specialist deep cleaning equipment that won’t spoil your fabric. We also offer this service here at Gifted Home Furniture

Here at Gifted Home Furniture, you can be confident that your fabric sofa, chair, corner sofa, sofa bed, or footstool will be upholstered in one of the premium materials in our collection. Our furniture is built to last, so you can look forward to many years of use, in which time your piece will gain character and antique beautifully as the years go by. These really are sofas worth caring for.

Follow the advice in this guide and you will be able to maintain the new condition of your fabric sofa for many years to come, Visit our Instagram to view more of our jobs

leather upholstery furniture

New 6 Steps on How To Care For Leather Furniture

  1. When it comes to cleaning upholstery leather furniture, keep it simple and avoid Do It Yourself (DIY) remedies. Homemade solutions using Mayonnaise and Vinegar are best kept to salads and sandwiches, and not the leather-cleaning menu.

We have seen clients harming their Leather furniture with everything from hair-care products to Pine-Sol. Keep in mind that warranties on the furniture can be voided if the wrong cleaner or conditioner is used on the leather furniture. The most important thing is to avoid applying anything that is not endorsed below

Leather Furniture Cleaning Materials:

  1.  Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment
  2.  Distilled water
  3.  Mild, neutral-pH nondetergent liquid soap, such as Morning Fresh or Good mama, or a leather cleaner designed for furniture upholstery
  4.  Soft white microfiber cloths (Towel)
  5.  Tarp or drop cloth


Cleaning Steps

Here are the steps for cleaning protected leather furniture. Always try them first on an inconspicuous spot that can’t be seen. And put down a drop cloth to catch any water drips.

  • Remove dirt by vacuuming the furniture piece using the brush attachment.
  • Add a few drops of mild nondetergent liquid soap to distilled water to create a cleaning solution. Moisten a microfiber cloth  (Towel) with the solution.
  • Test an inconspicuous spot with the cloth to make sure there’s no discoloration from the soap and water.
  • Working from top to bottom, wipe the furniture.
  • Dampen another cloth with plain distilled water and wipe the furniture again.
  • Dry with a clean towel.

To protect your leather furniture, keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources, which can cause drying and crack leather. Leather breathes and continues to remove moisture from its environment to keep it soft and supple.
This tips will help you care for your leather furniture

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